SockFix is an ISC Plastic Parts product. ISC is a company with great background in the plastics industry and currently has a catalog of more than 35,000 items manufactured in the EEC and the United States under the strictest quality standards.

If something moves ISC activity is the will to devise solutions to people’s everyday problems. Here’s how Smart Plastics was born.

ISC Plastic Parts
Smart Plastics

Smart Plastics is the youngest and most dynamic division of ISC. It has a very clear mission: providing useful and simple solutions for the people. An example: a pair of socks that remain together in the laundry basket, in the washing machine or in the drawer.

To achieve its goal, Smart Plastics joins two areas which not too often go together: empathy and engineering.

ClickClix © is a patented button developed by ISC Plastic Parts. It can be applied without sewing on all types of fabric. Each ClickClix button is composed of two parts, the button itself and the ring that serves as an anchor. ClickClix can be sequentially and infinitely buttoned and are resistant to light and water.

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