SockFix sponsors Didac Costa at the Vendée Globe 2016

When Didac sails next November 6 from Les Sables d`Olonne (France) to his journey around the world to complete the Vendée Globe race, the stunning new black sails of the “One Planet, One Ocean”, will display the SockFix logo. The new brand of button paired socks, sponsor Didac Costa´s team, who will became the fourth Spanish guy ever in this prestigious regatta, the most tough and challenging race in oceanic sailing with no assistance, no stops and solo.Continue Reading >>>

SockFix, the pair of sox that never get lost

At first glance, SockFix may look like an ordinary pair of socks. They have however some characteristics that difference them from any other pair of socks. First, its most outstanding feature is that they have a button to pair them. This button is named ClickClix, is small, in different colours, it keeps your socks paired when you are not wearing them, and you won’t even notice it when you are wearing them.

Additionally, SockFix means design, quality and innovation. Design, because Sockfix reflects the distinctive stamp of the Barcelona design; we have selected the trendiest colours for women and men, and a minimalist design that highlights the elegance of our products. Quality, because SockFix socks are made of top quality materials, mainly cotton from selected crops, to obtain a product with fibres as strong as pleasant to touch. SockFix innovates by adding ClickClixⓇ, an internationally patented system specifically created to pair your socks. Pair your SockFix before putting them into the laundry basket, the washing machine, hanging them without clothespins and to keep them always paired into your drawer.

You can buy SockFix at Amazon and at our online store, where you can also customize them by picking between 18 different models of socks and 8 different buttons. For your convenience, we also have SockFix Packs for men and women at special price.

Besides, SockFix contribute in two different causes, the Fundación Vicente Ferrer and the “Biciclown” Álvaro Neil.

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