SockFix sponsors Didac Costa at the Vendée Globe 2016

When Didac sails next November 6 from Les Sables d`Olonne (France) to his journey around the world to complete the Vendée Globe race, the stunning new black sails of the “One Planet, One Ocean”, will display the SockFix logo. The new brand of button paired socks, sponsor Didac Costa´s team, who will became the fourth Spanish guy ever in this prestigious regatta, the most tough and challenging race in oceanic sailing with no assistance, no stops and solo.

This project leaded by Costa it is an example of effort, passion, determination and sacrifice, as well as commitment with the environment materialized in different oceanic scientific investigation projects under the authority Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. Additionally, the participation of Didac, a professional Fire fighter, in contrast with the millionaire budgets of the other teams, represents the joy of humility and teamwork. In SockFix, we are so proud to contribute to make this dream possible.

Vendée Globe

“The Dakar of sailing”, “The Everest of the seas”… these comparisons used to describe the Vendée Globe give us an idea of the dimension of this competition in sail sports. The boats –29 in this occasion- sail from Les Sables d´Olonne (France), over the Atlantic shore, leaving behind the three major capes, and then returning to the place of departure after completing more than 26.000, round-the-world miles and 3 months facing alone the sea its challenges.

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